Philippe Bélissent and Jérôme Cobou share a common love of haute cuisine.  Armed with a rich and diverse experience, as well as more than 15 years of friendship and collaboration, they once again have joined their respective talents to create a new point of reference for gastronomy: the restaurant Cobéa.


Reflecting their spirit of creation and their drive for quality, they have chosen as their symbol a hearty, exotic flower that evokes the smells and flavors they wish to convey.  The cobea also represents a universal spirit as is grows in many latitudes.


As nod to the two partners, the restaurant’s name includes the first two letters of their name respectively, with the final “a” to indicate “associate”.


This new project is an opportunity for the two close friends to put forward their own vision of gastronomy by unleashing their creativity and inventiveness, overcoming inevitable constraints of the “food business.”


In creating the restaurant Cobéa Philippe and Jerome have successfully drawn on their respective insights to design a space that promises to be an establishment “not to be missed” in the Montparnasse district.


Within walking distance of many theaters and trendy cafes in the heart of 14th district of Paris, they have restored an old 1920s house, giving it a very warm spirit: large windows overlooking a green space and plants – including many cobéas.
The restaurant opens onto a stylish and elegant room.  Beyond the antique zinc bar which adorns the entry way, the rest of the furniture is revealed: spacious tables and comfortable individually, hand-shaped chairs with armrests, elegant and refined tableware (modern Bernardaud dishes accompanied by artisan ceramic dishes, silverware, stemmed glasses, etc.)


The general tone is classical, warm and soothing. Soft and inviting colors, enhanced by quality materials such as linen or slate, enrich a peaceful and elegant atmosphere.


Whether dining in the alcove – no doubt one of the most popular tables – or along the large windows, or in the vicinity of the open kitchen, one will enjoy a unique and immersive experience, immune to surrounding traffic.
The complicity of the unique duo is evident, as the dining room, managed expertly by Jerome Cobou, offers a glimpse of the open kitchen where Philippe Bélissent officiates.
Host Jerome Cobou honed his skills at famous restaurants such as Jamin, Maison Blanche, l’Astrance or l’Hotel. At the latter, he joined Philippe Bélissent, then the Executive Chef.
After establishing himself in restaurants of grand standing such as Laurent and Ledoyen, Philippe Bélissent, with his creativity and culinary precision, lead the restaurant of l’Hotel in Paris to its Michelin star obtained barely a year into his 6 year tenure.


Today, acclaimed by the press and by demanding and faithful customers, he continues the constant search for excellence that has always motivated him.


Now completely free to create, he uses his extensive understanding and experience of culinary traditions to craft a menu that changes daily.



September 2011 : Opening…


March 2012 : Cobéa get first Michelin Guide Star.


September 2015 :

Philippe Bélissent, Cobéa’s Chef, wins the TV Show “The Best French Menu”


Fébrurary 2020 : Philippe Bélissent and Jérôme Cobou celebrate their fifteen years of professional collaboration, including twelve years with one Michelin star.


July 2020 : Permanent closure